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  • God made men,but tailors made gentlemen.

    There is nothing like a gentleman with a well tailored suit.

  • A man in a well tailored suit will always shine than a man in an off the rack suit.

    Men always enjoy a well tailored suit.

  • Why tailoring? Because your fit is one of a kind.

    Darjeeling Tailoring House is best known for its perfect fit for men.

  • Contact us for your perfect fit.

    Darjeeling tailoring house suiting you up since 1934.

  • For more details Contact Us..

    Darjeeling Tailoring House is best known for its perfect styles for men.

Admist the land of lush green ferns and guarded by the mighty Kanchenjunga lies the beautiful Queen of hills,darjeeling apart from being a world heritage for its tea and tourism Darjeeling also houses prestigious schools and colleges established by the britishers .To meet the need of smart tailoring,establishments of meticulous tailoring were set up.Since then DARJEELING TAILORING HOUSE has been a brand in itself.Established in 1934,DARJEELING TAILORING HOUSE has found customers not only in darjeeling ,but also from overseas as well.The flawless work of this establishment has won the hearts of people from all strata of society and culture.Be it out fittings for school or colleges or personal orders,this establishment has catered to the wishes of not only by its perfect executions but also from its reasonable rates.It was established and is run by a Bengali family till date.It has been the number one choice for smart and authentic tailoring. On demand of the customers this establishment has now started an online service for orders and promises its customers the same classy outcomes for years to come.

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Thursday, 25 May 2017


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